www.aka.ms/yourpc - Sync Your Phone to Computer

www.aka.ms/yourpc – Sync Your Phone to Computer


Yes, www.aka.ms/yourpc – The app that lets you connect PCs to smartphones is one of the most important features that Windows has added. But you have to take a certain set of steps to do that.

There is good news: this is the full guide on how to use the phone app at aka.ms/yourpc to connect your phone to a Windows PC.

Windows is now the most popular operating system in every country. Microsoft released it in November 1985 as a graphic operating system for MS-DOS, making it the first operating system to take over the PC market around the world.

A lot of people don’t know that Windows can be used on more than just apps and PCs. It can also be used on embedded devices. The version that is optimized for Windows is also used in Xbox, a video game system made by Microsoft. Xbox.

Microsoft Corporation is always adding new features and updating Windows to make sure it works better and gives people a better experience.

Take this piece as a guide to read and understand the steps.

www.aka .ms.yourpc

What is Aka ms yourpc?

You can connect to your phone through aka.ms/yourpc, which makes a copy of it. If you have a Samsung, Windows, or Android phone, this website can make a copy of it so you can use it on a bigger screen.

Benefits of Linking a Smartphone to a Windows OS device

When Microsoft added this feature, it became very easy to use smartphones with Windows. And these are the good things about the service in question feature:

  • Transferring files without any problems is the main reason to use this program. People have been downloading third-party apps to move information between devices for the past few years. Even when USB cables were used, the information transfer was too slow and not right. But with this app, users can now send as much information as they want in just a few seconds. It’s so quick and safe that no one else can see your information.
  • Access to applications: Another benefit of this function in Windows is that it lets you use any of the apps on your phone without any problems. However, users must be able to connect to the internet for this process to work. Once it’s done, they can see their smartphone apps on the bigger screen.
  • Perform tasks—We’ve talked about how to get to the apps on a bigger screen. However, you can also do things with those apps. Now, let’s say someone calls you on WhatsApp. With this feature, you can answer them on the bigger screen and do everything you can do on your phone.
  • Having access to a smartphone—Well, it’s fun to move files, make calls, and even use apps. You might not think this tool can do so much, but it can. With this program, you can now get to your whole smartphone. You can also get to your gallery and movies.
  • The main benefits of connecting the smartphone to Windows OS through www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc were these. This is why we are going to talk about the steps and needs for connecting a phone to a PC.

Requirements for linking www.aka.ms/yourpc phone companion

Reading this part will help you understand what you need to connect your phone to your PC or laptop. Here are those things: 

  • The basic software you need to put on your phone is the Phone Companion application. It can be downloaded right away from www.aka.ms.yourpc. This link will take you to Microsoft’s official page, where you can download it without any problems. But remember that you need to get it from either this link to the official Microsoft website or the Play Store on your phone. 
  • Software that works with Windows OS: Check to see if there is a phone partner app for Microsoft Windows. This is the second important app you need. Type “Phone link” into the search bar, and if it comes up, click on the button that looks like a phone. If not, get the most recent version of Windows, and the icon will show up for the simple reason that it only works with Windows 10 and later. 
  • Wi-Fi connection: The third important thing your gadgets should have is a strong and stable internet connection. So that you can connect your smartphone straight to your PC and use all of your phone’s apps and features on your PC or laptop.

Knowing about this technology but not using it is like not using a DSLR camera.

Learning how to connect your phone to your computer via www.aka.ms.yourphoneqrc can make a big difference. Sometimes we have to use our phones and computers simultaneously, which is difficult.

This unique function activates now.

“How are we going to do that?” follows. Not everyone can use new tech. However, my dear friends, I will always be here to aid you because I have all the relevant information.

Pairing your phone to a PC is not a hurdle, learn how

The magic bullet is www.aka.ms.yourphoneqrc, which lets anyone with an Android phone link to their Windows PC with just a few clicks.

Are you not going to believe me?

This web link will make a QR code on your Windows device. But before you go any further, please keep in mind that this function is only currently available for people who have a Surface Duo or a Samsung Galaxy phone. Other HONOR smartphones with OS 9.0 or higher are also on the same list.

Isn’t that unfair?

If you do have one of those gadgets, you should keep reading to find out how this works.

You don’t have to worry if www.aka.ms.yourphoneqrc doesn’t work for you. It works fine for most people. It’s said that when God closes one door, he opens another one. This only means that there is a way out.

Please keep in mind that “Link to Windows” is an app that can do everything. On some phones, this app is already there, but many of us don’t know how to use it. Do you want to know how it works? And I’ll tell you that in the next part.

To get back to our main point, let’s explain more about how you use this app or the web link I gave you.

Should I?

Let’s take a look at the pairing process now

The “Link to Windows” app can be downloaded from www.aka.ms.yourphoneqrc on machines that don’t already have it. Once you have this app, you can follow these steps:

  • First, on your Android phone, open the “Link to Windows” app.
  • Tap on “Link your phone to PC” on the screen that comes up.
  • To move forward, tap the “Continue” button.
  • After this point, you’ll be given the following choices:
    1. A way to scan the QR code
    2. The choice to use your Microsoft account to log in
    3. To get the QR code, go to www.aka.ms.yourphoneqrc.
  • Click “Done” when you’re done with what needs to be done.

Congratulations!!! You were able to connect your Windows PC to your phone.

You were really lucky that you didn’t run into any problems while setting this up. Furthermore, You can try again even if you have already failed the first time.

Establishing connection on your phone via www.aka.ms.yourpc

Make sure you have an internet connection and that your device is more recent than version 6.0 before you install anything or follow this process. For now, this is the first step where you can begin the process:

  • Click on this link, www.aka.ms/yourpc, to find software that works with your smartphone.
  • Please open the file on your phone after going to the website and getting it.
  • This time, it will ask for some basic Microsoft account information. Type in your username, password, and other information as asked.
  • After that, please write down the email address and use it to log in to your PC or laptop.
  • As soon as all of these steps are finished, a QR code reader will appear.
  • You can scan it on your PC by clicking on that and logging in with the same Microsoft ID.
  • Now, click on this site, aka.ms/mfasetup, to open a scanner and check your phone.
  • The link will take you to the “Phone link” app. Tap the “Open your Phone” button once it’s open, and a QR code reader will appear.
  • Just put your phone up to the reader and wait for it to do its thing. Once it has confirmed that you own the device, it will ask for some simple permissions. Carefully read them and then move on.
  • It will show your device on the computer screen when the process is done.
  • Have fun using the tools of your phone on your PC!


How to Link your Devices with another Android Device?

Here’s what you need to do to connect an Android device:

  • If you need to, open the Google Play Store, look for “Link to Windows,” and then download the app.
  • You will see a QR code on your computer that you need to scan.
  • Open an online browser on your PC and go to aka.ms/yourpc to get to the QR code.
  • Use the camera built into an Android app to read the QR code you see on your computer.
  • If you scan the QR code, you might be asked to give some rights.
  • With these rights, you can get to content on your phone from your PC.

For More Information visit : aka.ms/authapp

What can you do once your Android Phone and Windows PC are Paired?

  • When you connect your Android phone to your Windows PC, you can do a number of things, depending on how many features your phone has.
  • You will be able to sync contacts, texts, phone calls, alerts, photos, videos, files, and even some programmes if your phone is fully supported.
  • You can also mirror the screen of your phone, which is very useful.

How to terminate the connection of my smartphone from my PC?

You were able to connect your computer to the internet through www.aka.ms/yourpc. You’re having trouble with this feature now, though, and you want to take the phone off of your PC. And that’s it! Just follow these steps, and your phone will no longer be connected to your PC.

  • To begin, go to Microsoft’s website and log in with the same email address you used before.
  • Now go to “Device”, and a screen will show you a list of all the devices that are linked.
  • Select the gadget you want to get rid of, then tap on it and confirm.
  • If you go back to your phone and open the app again, it will say that it is disconnected.
  • If you want to get rid of the www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc link on your smartphone, follow the same steps.
  • On your device, open the partner app and go to the settings menu. Open the “Accounts” link that you’ll find there.
  • It would help if you looked for the same Microsoft email address that you used on the PC.
  • The person clicks on the account and then hits the “Logout” button.
  • After you click on the links that appear, your device will be disconnected from the PC.

Resolve issues faced while using www.aka.ms.yourpc

So, here are some things you can do to fix the linking problem on your PC when you visit the given website:
  • Check that you are logged in with the same Microsoft account on both tools.
  • Check the internet link again to make sure it’s still working.
  • Also, on your PC or laptop, turn off the “battery saver” setting. This can stop all of your network links.
  • Please stop your phone from setting the “Do not disturb” mode.
  • Make sure you only go to this official page, www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc.


We talked about one of the great things about Microsoft’s Windows OS. It was made so that users wouldn’t have to download any third-party apps, which would save them time and effort. The only thing they have to do is connect their phones to the PC and do anything that can be done on the phone.

You can get the tools you need for your PC and smartphone by clicking on this link: www.aka.ms/yourpc. Then, you can use Windows’ advanced features to not only connect the devices but also copy them. It is a top company in its field, and every day, it gives its customers the best user experience possible, which makes everything possible in that field.

FAQs – Aka.ms/yourpc 

How do I link my phone to my PC with a QR code?

To do this, open your Android’s online browser and type in the aka. ms/yourpc link that you see on your PC. Use the same Microsoft account that you use on your PC to sign in to the apps that go with them. The app will then open to a screen with a QR code that you can read. We’ll come back to that!

How do I setup a Windows Phone Link?

Open the Phone Link on your Windows PC by going to Start and clicking on it. Choose whether you want to connect an Android or iPhone device to a Phone Link. Pick out Android. On your Android phone, open the Link to Windows app and tap the Link your phone and PC button.

What is the aka ms link phone QR code?

You can use the www.aka.ms linkphone QR code tool from Microsoft to link an Android phone to a Windows PC. This only works between Windows and Android phones. By scanning the QR code at www.aka.ms, you can connect your smartphone to your PC and use the features of your phone on your computer.

How do I connect my phone to my computer via USB?

You can connect your device to your computer with a USB wire. Tap the message that says “Charging this device via USB” on your device. You can use USB for File Transfer under “Use USB for.” It will show you an Android File Transfer window on your computer.

Why is Phone Link not working?

Check again to make sure you’re logging into both the Phone Link and the Android app that goes with it with the same Microsoft account. Make sure that Battery Saver is not running on your PC or Android device, as this could make it harder to join. You are currently linked to WiFi.

How do I set up Phone Link calls?

To allow this app to make and handle calls from my phone, go to Settings > Features > Calls and flip the switch on. Please note that PCs with “Windows on ARM” computers can now make calls thanks to the Windows May 2020 update. Phone Link lets you use your PC to make and receive calls on your iPhone®.

What is the Phone Link app?

If notability can’t be shown, the item will probably be deleted, merged, or sent to a different page. Microsoft made Phone Link, which used to be called “Your Phone,” which is software that lets you sync your Windows PC with your Android or iOS phone so you can see messages, make calls, and use mobile apps from your PC.

Is Phone Link safe?

It’s possible for someone who has temporary access to someone else’s phone to use Phone Link on their own Windows PC to listen in on their calls and texts without them knowing or giving permission. Turning on Phone Link is pretty easy, even if you have an iPhone.

Is it good to link your phone to your computer?

You can back up all of your files and settings on a daily basis by connecting your device to a desktop app like iTunes for iOS or Samsung Smart Switch for Android. If your phone gets lost or broken, this will make sure you don’t lose any important info.

How do you connect a computer?

Both ends of the wire should be plugged into the monitor. One end should go into the monitor port on the back of the computer case. Some computer cords will only fit in a certain way. Do not try to force the wire to fit, as this could damage the connectors. Before you connect it, make sure the plug is lined up with the port.

How can I connect my phone to my computer without USB?

To make sure your PC can find your Android phone, turn on Bluetooth. Step 2: On your computer, go to “Start” and choose “Settings.” Then, click “Bluetooth.” In the list of phones that are found when you use the phone search tool, your Android phone will be there.

Why can’t I connect my Android phone to my computer?

The computer might not recognise the phone because the USB cables aren’t working right, the link mode is wrong, or the drivers are out of date.

How do I connect my desktop to the Internet?

Tap on the Network or WiFi button in the area where you see the notifications. From the list of networks, pick the one you want to connect to, then click Connect. Type in the security key, which is also known as the password. If there are any extra directions, follow them.

What is Link to Windows?

Link to Windows on your Android phone or tablet and the Phone Link on your PC gives you a lot of options. You can easily move files between your devices and use your phone apps on your PC, among other things.