Skip to content Everyone has a computer or laptop in their homes as we all know, modern day, and they are the essentials of all human beings today. Many users utilize computers for work, while others use their computers or laptops for entertainment.

Are we aware of the many features this amazing technology has? If not, don’t worry, we’ll be discussing an important and widely popular capabilities in Windows OS in the past few years.

We are talking about the new as well as exclusive feature for laptops and PCs. The feature is available for Windows 10 and all of the versions are later.

If you’re using the latest editions of Windows then this feature for your PC can be very helpful. The feature integrate into Windows OS to provide the essential connection between your computer and your smartphone.

Presently, Microsoft is developing a variety of software, and it is the Phone Companion Software is among the top 10 software that is trending on the market today. We are going to talk about the best and most efficient method to connect your computer to the phone using

What is Aka ms yourpc?

You can access your phone via, which is copies of it. If you own a Samsung, Windows, or Android phone, you may make use of this site to create an image of it, so you can view the phone with bigger screens.

Can You Pair Your Android Phone to a Windows PC?

Yes, you can connect your Android phone with a Windows PC!

This is done via using the Link To Windows mobile application that is available on some Android phones.

It is the Link To Windows mobile application will then connect with your Link To Windows application on your Windows PC.

It is recommended that the Link To Windows application should install onto the Windows PC since it is part of the core features included in Windows. Windows software.

After pairing both the Link To Windows and Phone Link apps to your smartphone and Windows PC, respectively you should be able to transfer everything.

However, there are some limitations. Not all Android phones can provide the full capabilities of connecting to a Windows PC.

At the moment just Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are fully functional when connected to the Windows PC.

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Benefits of Linking a Smartphone to a Windows OS

Following the launch of this feature, Microsoft made it quite easy to control smartphones using Windows. The benefits of this feature:

  • It is a seamless way to transfer content It all starts with the primary advantages of this software. In the last few years, users downloaded third-party apps to transfer their information between different devices. However, using USB cables they were slow and not appropriate to transfer content.
  • Access to applications This is another benefit to using this feature on Windows it allows you to access all of your apps that are installed on your smartphone with no interruption. However, users must connecte to the internet to sync their devices and then users will be able to view their mobile apps on a larger screen.
  • Perform actions We’ve spoken about how to access the application in a larger size. However, you can also execute actions in those applications as well. Imagine, a person calling you via WhatsApp. By using this feature, you can reply to their call via the larger screen, and perform all the things you can do on your phone.
  • These were the essential benefits of linking the Smartphone to Windows OS via Therefore, we will examine the steps involved in linking and the requirements of connecting a smartphone to a computer

Requirements for linking phone companion

In this article we will examine the most important requirements required to connect your mobile to your laptop or computer and then read the list below:

  • Phone Companion application The most basic program you must install on your mobile. It can download directly by visiting This link will take you directly to the Microsoft official website of Microsoft and, from there, you can download it at any time without interruption. However, remember that you must download it from the official Microsoft site using this link or from your phone’s Play Store.
  • Companion software for Windows OSThe second important application that you must have is to determine the presence of a companion app for phones for Windows. Microsoft Windows. Search in the search bar, and type inPhone hyperlinkIf it is present in the search results, select the image. Or, you can you can update to update your Windows to the most recent version of Windows then the phone icon should display. It is because it works only on Windows 10 and later versions.
  • Wi-Fi connection: The third condition your device should be able to meet is a solid, reliable and reliable internet connection. For your smartphone to connect to the computer directly and connect to all the apps on your phone and features directly from the desktop or computer.

Being aware of this feature but not using it would be like owning a DSLR but not capturing photos using it.

Once you learn how to use for syncing your phone with a computer, it can make a difference altogether.

Pairing your phone to a PC is not a hurdle, learn works as the magic potion here because it allows all Android mobile phone users to connect to their Windows PC in just a few clicks.

Don’t you believe me???

To inform you For your information, I’d like you to understand that the link will generate the QR code on your Windows device. Before you move ahead, you should know it is only available to Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users. Also, phones that are HONOR with OS Version 9.0 or higher are part of the list.

Isn’t that a bit partial?

However, if you have one of the mentioned devices, it’s recommended that you learn how it operates.

Although works well for all the users, if it doesn’t, you do not need to get worried. The saying goes that God opens a new door if the one he shuts is closed. It simply means that there’s an exit.

There is an application calledLink to Windowswhich does everything. For some devices, this application comes pre-installed, however, a lot of people aren’t aware of how to utilize it. Are you curious about the process behind it? I’ll explain it in the next section.

About our main point of concern, I’d like to know the ways you can use this app or the web address provided.

Do I have to?

Let’s take a look at the pairing process now

The devices on which the said app is not pre-installed can use the URL for installing theLink to Windowsapp. When you’ve installed this application, you can follow the steps listed in this article:

  1. To begin, launchLink to Windowsand then click on theLink for Windowsapp on your Android phone.
  2. From the menu you see click onLink your phone to PCfrom the menuLink your phone to a PCoption.
  3. After that, you can tap on theContinuebutton to continue.
  4. At this point, you’ll present with various options like the ones below:
    1. The option for scanning the QR code
    2. You have the option of logging into your Microsoft account
    3. Visit to fetch the QR code
  5. Perform the required actions to grant permissions, then chooseDone

Congratulations!!! You’ve successfully paired the phone of your Windows PC to your phone.

It’s a good thing you were lucky if you didn’t encounter any errors in this configuration. If you did, you could always give it another test.

Establishing connection on your phone via

Before installing or executing this process, ensure that you have an Internet connection and that your computer is at or above that 6.0 version. This is the first stage at which you can begin the process:

  1. Simply visit this you can discover the appropriate software for your phone.
  2. After you have downloaded the file, open it on your phone.
  3. Then it will ask you for basic credentials to the Microsoft account. Fill them in with username, password, etc.
  4. Posting this way, you must remember your email ID, and then log into the same email ID on your laptop or computer.
  5. Once all of these steps have been done successfully and successfully, the system will display the QR Code scanner.
  6. Click that link and then scan it on your computer where you signed using the identical Microsoft ID.
  7. You must follow this link to open the scanner that will scan your phone.
  8. It will take users to thePhone Linkapplication. When it’s open, click on theOpenorOpen your Phoneoption and it will show the scan of a QR code.
  9. Put your phone on the scanner and allow it to take a look at your mobile. After verifying the device it will ask you for certain basic device permissions. Be sure to read them thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.
  10. When the process is finished the process will display your device’s image on the computer display.
  11. You can enjoy the smartphone features on your computer!

How to Link Your Devices with another Android Device?

The steps below will help you connect your Android device to the

  • Start Google Play Store if you need to. Google Play Store if necessary and look for Link to Windows and download the app.
  • On your PC you will see a QR code displayed that you must scan.
  • To open the QR code, open your web browser on your PC and then navigate towards
  • For scanning the QR code that you see on your PC, use the in-app camera of the Android device.
  • You may ask for a few authorizations if your QR Code is scanned.
  • These rights permit you to access your phone’s content through your computer.

What Can You Do Once Your Android Phone and Windows PC Are Paired?

After you’ve connected your Android phone with a Windows PC, you’ll be in a position to perform a range of things, based on the number of functions available to the phone.

When your device is supported by the manufacturer, you’ll be able to sync your files including videos, images messages, contacts or calls, notifications, and even some apps.

Additionally, you will be able to mirror the screen of your phone This is very useful.

Features of

Your life will be synchronized by connecting your smartphone to read and respond to texts, receive and make calls, and more, all on the Windows PC with Microsoft Phone Link:

  1. Text messages: Reply to texts using a keyboard, or take calls with the headset that is already connected to your PC. Through Microsoft Phone Link, Microsoft Phone Link app, you’ll have more options for working with your phone and your computer.
  2. calls: Make calls with the headset that is already synced to your computer. Through phone link, you can use the Phone Link app, you’ll be able to choose more options for working with your phone and computer.
  3. Notifications By using the Phone Link application it is possible to modify settings for notification, Bluetooth, and volume and even the ability to skip or pause music that is currently playing.
  4. Gallery as well as OneDrive. Your memories will be secure across devices. Within your phone’s Gallery switch off Sync with OneDrive so that you can save your photos to OneDrive and then access them on your computer.
  5. Access photos and files across all devices: Securely save, edit, and share photos and files at any time, from anywhere on any device using OneDrive. Begin with 5GB of cloud storage that is free.
  6. Start where you were: With Microsoft 3652 you’ll be productive wherever your life leads you. View edit, share, or view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from your computer or smartphone.

Benefits of Linking a Smartphone to a Windows OS device –

When this feature launch, Microsoft made it quite easy to control smartphones using Windows. The benefits of this feature:

  • It is a seamless way to transfer content Let’s begin with the most basic advantage of this program. Users have been downloading third-party apps to transfer content between devices over the last few years. USB cables are slow and weren’t a great method of transferring content. However, with this application users can transfer unlimited content in only two minutes. It’s so quick and secure that the content not disclose to any other person.
  • Access to applications Also, an advantage of this feature on Windows is the fact that it allows you can utilize any app on your smartphone without having to reboot it. However, for the sync process to function it is necessary for users to connect via the web. After that users can view their mobile apps on a larger display.
  • Operate We’ve spoken about having the ability to use applications on larger screens. You can also do things using these apps. Let’s say you’re using WhatsApp when somebody calls you. If you’re using this feature, you’ll be able to respond to them on a larger screen and perform everything you can using your mobile.
  • Access to smartphones for calling, transferring, and accessing apps is quite amazing. However, you can do more with this app than you imagine. With this program, you are now able to make use of your phone in all its aspects. You can view your gallery, videos, and photos too.

These were the main benefits of linking the Smartphone to Windows OS through In this article, we will speak on the procedure and prerequisites for connecting a smartphone to a PC.

How to terminate the connection of my smartphone from my PC? –

You’ve successfully connect your phone to your PC’s website. However, now you’re experiencing problems with this feature, and you want to unlink the phone from your PC. Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to disconnect your phone from your computer.

  1. In the first place, go to the official website of Microsoft and sign in using the same email address as before.
  2. Go to yourDevicesection. A list of devices linked to it will display on the screen.
  3. Select the device you wish to take off and confirm it.
  4. Open the phone and open the application again. It will display disconnected.
  5. The same procedure goes for the smartphone if you want to remove the link.
  6. Install the companion app on your device and then open the settings menu. Then, you’ll find the Accounts option. Open it.
  7. Search for the exact Microsoft email ID that enter on the computer.
  8. The account then log into and then clicks theLogoutbutton.
  9. After you follow the prompt links, your device will disconnect from your PC.

What If Your Phone Doesn’t Have the Link To Windows Application Pre-Installed?

The first step is to determine which versions of Android software the phone is running. If your phone is using Android 7.0 or later versions, you’ll be able to download this Link To Windows mobile application.

The past was when Microsoft offered shortened hyperlinks that could use to locate it. This was the Link To Windows application, which was previously called The Your Phone application.

These links included and

As of right now, they have not been working consistently.

But don’t worry!

Simply go toLink to Windowson the Google Play Store. Google Play Store or follow this link and you’ll then be able to install the app.

Resolve issues faced while using

You can follow the following steps or take ways to fix the problem of linking to your computer if you access the site:

  • Make sure that you’re using your identical Microsoft accounts on each device.
  • Verify the internet connection and make sure it’s working or not.
  • Also, switch off the battery-saver feature on your laptop or PC Sometimes, it shuts off all network connections.
  • Turn off theDo Not Do Not Disturbfeature on your phone.
  • Make sure you are visiting this official website only.

Which Android Phones Are Supported by the Link To Windows Application?

You’re probably wondering what Android phones are compatible with Link to Windows. Link to Windows application?

If yes you are, then there’s no reason to concern!

Microsoft create an exhaustive list of devices that support by Microsoft’s Link To Windows mobile application You can see it here.

The list is broken down into four categories.

The first is a list of devices supported by an application called the Link To Windows mobile application installed. These are generally Samsung, Surface Duo, and HONOR devices that run versions 9.0 or higher that run Android software.

It is important to note that if your device isn’t running an application called the Link To Windows application pre-installed it doesn’t mean that it’s not compatible.

The other is a list of phones that support sync from your Android smartphone’s display on the screen of your Windows PC.

The third option is several phones that allow the sync of applications between both your Android smartphone as well as Windows PC.

The fourth option is a listing of the devices that can support RCS messaging using an application called pairing. But, this is also dependent on your mobile provider’s network and the country you’re in.

Another alternative is to install iOS Emulators For Android on your smartphone, and then make use of an application available from Apple’s App Store to connect the two devices.

We discuss one of the most amazing capabilities that comes with Windows OS by Microsoft. The feature create to decrease the time and effort of the user. They won’t need to download any third-party software shortly. All they need to do is connect their phones to the computer and complete any tasks that carry out via a mobile.

Utilize the link to access and download the require software for your PC as well as your smartphone. Enjoy the capabilities offered by Windows Microsoft that don’t just connect the devices, but reproduce the devices. It’s a top industry company that can make anything possible in its field by providing the best user experience to its customers each day.

How do I link my phone to my PC?

To access the app, from your computer, open a browser to aka. ms/linkphone. Use the camera of the companion app to read the QR code visible on your computer with an Android device to connect the two devices. You’ll ask to grant various permissions on your device for accessing information from your phone and on your computer.

How do I get the QR code for my phone to my PC?

To get to that QR code, open a browser on your PC and visit On your Android phone, use the camera built into the app to read the QR code on your computer. After you scan your QR image, you might ask for permission. These permissions let you access your phone’s content on your computer.

What is the aka link phone QR code?

Search in the Google Play Store forLink to Windowsand then download the application. Scan a QR code, which will appear on the screen of your computer. Launch an internet browser from your computer and visit link phone QR code to look up the QR code. The QR code can scan on your PC by using the camera application that install that you install on the Android phone.

How do I add a new device to my computer?

Connect a device to the Windows 10 PC

  1. Choose Start > Settings > Devices Bluetooth and other devices.
  2. Click Add Bluetooth or another device and follow the steps.

How do I scan a QR code from my Android to my computer?

For scanning a QR code using a laptop, computer or any other digital display screen Follow these instructions: Launch the camera application. Hover your camera over the QR code. When it recognize that QR code, you’ll be able to see a page with the hyperlink on your screen.

How can I connect my Android to my PC without USB?

3Transfer Files From Phones into Laptops using USB using Bluetooth

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu > Devices Bluetooth and the other Bluetooth devices that are on your system and then enable Bluetooth.
  2. You can enable Bluetooth for your Android phone by going toSettingsunderBluetooth.”
  3. When your phone recognizes the computer, you can tap the name of the computer, then hit Pair.