saltar al contenido your BitLocker Recovery Key

    To find out everything about My BitLocker recovery key (, which unlocks your machine, you need a unique 48-digit numeric password key. Go to if you’re having trouble getting into your Microsoft account.

    How to find the key with

    Many people have trouble when they can’t use Bitlocker in their OS through BitLocker is Already turned on by Microsoft, so users won’t have any trouble securing their files. But if it’s off And you can Not turn it back on, do this:

    • TypeManage Bitlockerinto the search box in Windows.
    • Bitlocker will show up in The search results if it is on the device.
    • It will show up in the Control Panel. On A button, it will sayTurn on BitLocker.Press that button To turn it back on.
    • Bitlocker has other choices, such as turning off protection, making a copy of your recovery key, and turning off BitLocker.
    • Here’s how to find Bitlocker on your computer, turn it on, And find the key.

    How to recover my Bitlocker Recovery Key without access to Windows?

    This works, if you have linked your mobile device/computer with a Microsoft Account.


    • Primero, ir a on your phone’s browser.
    • Then sign in to your account on Microsoft.
    • Click on Device and then onAll Devices.
    • Find the device or computer that Bitlocker is protecting and click onManage.
    • Go to the part calledMonitor.
    • Press the Recovery Keys button.

    How to BitLocker install and activate on my device?

    Activate BitLocker using these three ways:

    • Your device is a modern device: Before BitLocker protection was turned on, the recovery key was instantly saved to Your Microsoft Account.
    • The Administrator of your device originally activate BitLocker protection in the Control Panel: The administrator would have had to turn on BitLocker And choose where to Save the key, or it would have been saved immediately to the Microsoft Account of the Administrator or owner.
    • A work/school organization managing your device could have activated BitLocker protection on your device: This organization should have your BitLocker recovery key.

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